1998 Beetle’s reunion

In 1998, a local Seattle radio station KJR, which was probably one of Seattle’s most popular through the 70’s, hosted a reunion event. The idea was to host a Beetles/Beatles gathering that featured a Beatles cover band, but was also a VW Beetle gathering. The goal was to see how many VW Beetles they could gather in one place. The gathering occurred in the Shoreline area of Seattle, and then we all convoyed to Marymoor Park in Kirkland for a car show and music festival. I don’t recall the specifics, but I know that there was a convoy of hundreds of VW’s along the highway. It was a lot of fun, and I have some great memories from that day. One of the big things at the show was the number of “New” Beetles that were there, as they were brand new from VW.

Eric's 1971 Bug

Here was my 1971 Beetle at the time. We squeezed the whole family in(6 of us) and went to the show.

Beetle Reunion Parking

There was quite a line to find parking.

Slug Bug...Slug Bug...Slug Bug...Slug Bug

If you were playing Slug Bug, it would have been CRAZY!! (I would have won.)

Nice Split Window Bug

There were a couple of split window bugs there.

Nice Oval Window Bug

And a nice oval window.

Nice early Ghia

And a nice lowlight Ghia.

The Band

And we finished off the day with some great music. This was an extremely fun day, that I am sure my family will remember for the rest of their lives, as will I.


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I fell in love with air-cooled Volkswagens over 30 years ago. I want to keep the love and passion for vintage VW's alive and share my stories with others.
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