How I got bit by the VW bug.

In the early summer of 1986, I was looking to buy my first car. I didn’t have much to spend, having only scraped together $600. I had been looking in the newspaper, the little nickel want ads and had kind of settled on a VW bug. Back then, there were a lot of bugs available, but I had no experience and didn’t know anything about VW’s or cars in general. I was driving past my old workplace one day and there it was. A 1966 Sea Blue VW bug with a for sale sign on it for $800. It was exactly what I was looking for. But, I was short $200. Today, I would offer $500 and try and settle for $600, but I had no experience buying a car and had no idea I could offer less than what was being asked. So, I borrowed $200 from my best friends mom and I was the proud owner of my first VW. In hindsight, I cannot believe how fortunate I was. I didn’t know the difference between pre or post 67 VW’s, and I just lucked into what today is probably one of my favorite cars I have ever owned. Shown below is one of the few photos that I still have of this car.

Our first car - 66 VW Bug#VWlife @My_VW_Life

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I fell in love with air-cooled Volkswagens over 30 years ago. I want to keep the love and passion for vintage VW's alive and share my stories with others.